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Psychic Dreamer

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Transform Your Waking Life with Dream Intuition

In dreams, everyone is creative, intuitive, and guided by dimensions that are not usually perceivable while awake. Dr. Michael Lennox helps you explore your innate psychic abilities and teaches you how to develop them through dreamwork regardless of your skill level.

With examples from his clients' dream experiences as well as his own, Dr. Lennox introduces you to the different types of dreams, including precognitive, lucid, shared, and visitation dreams. Learn to foretell the future, receive messages from people who have passed away, and encounter a variety of out-of-body experiences.

Psychic Dreamer covers it all, from past lives and multidimensional explorations to petitioning your dreams for help solving a particular problem. You will even discover the powerful and surprisingly positive possibilities hidden in night terrors. We all have intuition, and with this book, you can develop it through your own dream journey.